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ΔXI1.0 is a place for folks whose views, beliefs and practices concerning their faith in Jesus Christ, while biblical in every sense of the word, are, nevertheless, too much for the myopic, orthodox Traditional church to deal with.

Here, you will find links to, and copies of articles, e-books, and web sites that have been helpful to me in defining what I believe and why I believe it. Maybe they will be helpful to you also. Of course, it goes without saying that just because you find a work by a particular individual here, or linked to; that does not mean I subscribe to everything that person believes (so, stop wasting your time trying to label me as "one of those", because I'll suprize and embarass you, given time).

One of the reasons you and I, Dear Reader, find ourselves outside of the fold (as man defines it), is we don't take the words of man to be equal to the Words of God. For myself, I reject all traditions and doctrines not taught in the Bible (the traditions and doctrines of men), and I hold a strong animosity towards traditions which have been taught as though they were. The things I believe have their origin in, and their objective foundation resting upon the Bible; rightly divided, interpreted literially, in it's historical and cultural context, following the rules of grammar pecular to the language in question, and contextually to itself; as opposed to the "spitirualized" or "interpreted" versions and carnal paraphrases so popular in Christendom today.

This web site is for people, like you and I, who have had their fill of being told by "Bible Scholars" (who can't stand you because you disagree with what they have been "trained" in), that "Knowledge puffeth up", that to "rightly divide" really means to "handle carefully", that "the Word of Truth" refers only to the Gospel, that black is not black; it's orange, and white is not white; it's green; and what is written plainly, in any language, has a "spiritual" meaning (that it happens to overthrow the plain, clear meaning of the written text is not to be questioned), and if you don't get it, it's because you don't have the Spirit to teach you that your eyes are decieving you.

Now, I didn't put this thing together with the idea that I was going to preach at you or presume to teach you anything. I write about what I've learned but, what I am trying to get across to you, dear Reader, is the idea that being a Christian requires that you learn something about what you believe; The Kindergarden answers proffered from pulputs just don't cut it anymore. Don't take the word of the Traditionalists (especially those who wear dog collars) as though they came from the mouth of God Himself!

The Apostle Peter, (whose words did come from God Himself), in writing from Babylon, about 60 A.D., (near the close of Israel's second chance to hear and believe God concerning Jesus Christ,) to the elect sojourners of the dispersion, (the believing Remnant), timeless Truth which we of the Church of God, which is the Body of Christ, can learn from. Peter said that God had already given us all we needed for life and godliness, through God's word and all that was somehow wrapped up in apprehending the "full knowledge" (Gk.:ἐπιγνώσει, epignosis - a word which carries with it the implication that we must participate in a major way to get that sort of knowledge), of God, and of Jesus our Lord. Additionally, grace and peace would be multiplied to us, through the apprehending.

It is in that spirit which I hope and pray; That the fruit of this site will be to encourage everyone who belongs to the household of faith (if you don't belong, none of this makes any sense to you anyhow. You need to get saved first), to open the Book and let God teach them directly from His Word. As for you who follow the Traditionalists; rest assured that I will most likely have something here to offend you; one way or another.

Some Books and Pamphlets that may terrify the theologically weak.

Added Author Title
02.18.2007 E. W. Bullinger How To Enjoy The Bible
02.18.2007 E. W. Bullinger The Apocalypse
11.1.2015 C.R. Stam Things That Differ
02.18.2007 Alfred Edersheim The Bible History -- Old Testament
02.18.2007 Lewis Ginzberg The Legends of the Jews.
02.19.2007 Frances Rolleston The Mazzaroth
02.19.2007 Alexander Hislop The Two Babylons
03.07.2007 E. W. Bullinger The Two Natures in the Child of God
03.10.2007 Debra Bouey Accusers of the Brethren?
08.08.2008 Sir Robert Anderson Sir Robert Anderson Collection
12.02.2010 Alfred Edersheim The Temple -- Its Ministry and Services
06.01.2022 E.W. Bullinger The Foundations of Dispensational Truth

Questions worth asking

Who taught you to believe what you believe: Was it a man (some pastor, perhaps), a collection of commentaries, or did the Holy Spirit teach you as you read the Bible, rightly dividing the Word of Truth?

Were you taught that God's WORDS, as received in the ORIGINAL languages, are inspired; that He says what He means, and means what He says in the Scriptures?

Are you content to simply believe what is written in the Bible, and conform yourself to it, or do you avoid dealing with the difficult subjects by looking for other, more "spiritual" meanings within it's pages?

Misunderstood subjects.

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