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How to Enjoy the Bible
E. W. Bullinger

Index of Subjects

Abel's Sacrifice
Abraham, God's Covenant with
Abraham's prayer for Sodom
"Absent from the body" "Absent from the body" "Absent from the body"
Abyssinian Version
Adam a son of God
Adam under probation
"Afterward" "Afterward"
Alexandrian MS
Alford on Matt 27:9
Alford's Greek Text
"All," Meaning of
"All power is given unto Me"
All Scripture for our learning
"All things work together for good"
Ammonite, The
Amos quoted in Acts 15
Anah the Hivite
Ancient Versions
Angels called "saints"
Angels called sons of God
Angels called spirits Angels called spirits
"Another king"
Apocrypha quoted
Apostasy, The Coming of the
"Apple," Adam's
Application and Interpretation
Application of:
           Creation (Gen 1)
           Isaiah 53
           Jeremiah 18
           Revelation 1:7
           the Potter's house
Armenian Version
Article XX
Ask or "borrow"
"At hand"
"At that time"
Augustine on Matthew 28
Azariah de Rossi

Babylon and Zedekiah
Balaam's journey
           into the one name
           into one name and three
           into the Triune name
           with pneuma hagion
           with pneuma hagion four times foretold
"Baptized for the dead"
"Before all these things"
"Before the foundation of the world"
Beginning and Ending of Bible
"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ"
Beth-shemesh, The number slain at
Beza's MS
Bible, Whately's definition of
Birthright, Esau's
Birthright, Privileges of
Bishop Jebb
Bishop Lowth
"Blood," The mention of, in 1 John 1:7
"Blood and Fire"
Books of Bible:
           Christ in the
           Classification of
           Order of
"Borrow" or Ask
Boys, Thomas
"But now"; "But now"
Burying of Jacob, The

Canon, The Hebrew
Canonical and Chronological order
Census of Numbers 1 and 26
Centurion, The sending of the
Changes in Punctuation of AV
Chapters, Division into
           of Hebrew Bible
Christ's Coming always a Hope
Christ's Coming, Object of
Christ in the separate Books of the Bible
Christ's words given to Him
Church, The
           Usages of word
Classification of Books of OT
Clement VIII
"Closed the Book," Christ; "Closed the Book," Christ
Cognate Parallelism
"Coming forth" and "Coming unto"
Concurrent usages of Greek words
Constructive Parallelism
Context always essential
Context, The nearer
Coptic Version, The
           Construction of
           Discovery of Laws by Thomas Boys
           Extended Alternation; Extended Alternation
           Introversion; Introversion
           Repeated Alternation
           Simple Alternation; Simple Alternation
Covenant with Abraham, God's
Creation, The
Critic, The Word of God our
Cross, Inscriptions on the

David "a man after God's own heart"
David's last words
David's mighty men
Day of Christ," "The
Day of the Lord," "The; Day of the Lord," "The
"Depart and be with Christ"; "Depart and be with Christ"
Depletion of Hezekiah's treasury
Diaspora, The; Diaspora, The
"Discerner," The Word a
Disciplining the Nations
           of Glory
           of Grace
           of Judgment
           Parenthesis of the Present
           The Edenic
           The Millennial
           The Patriarchal
           under Law
           Man's condition in each
           meaning of the word
           seven in Number
           Special Characteristics of
           The Crisis of each
           to be rightly divided
           Truth and Teaching of, to be rightly divided
Dispersion, Epistles to the
Distinction, All without
Divine Names and Titles
           into Chapters
           of Greek Text
           of Hebrew Text
           of the Versions
Door," Christ "the
Drinking of the Lord on the Cross

Ecclesia, The
Edenic Dispensation, The
Eight, Signification of the number
English words:
           lowered meaning
Engrafted Word," "The
Ephraemi MS, The
Ephraim slain, The number of
Errors arising from disregard of Context
Esau's birthright
           place of repentance
Eternal state, The
Ethiopic Version, The
"Every," Meaning of
Eusebius on Matthew 27
Exception, All without

Faithful Word," "The
Family," "Every
Fig: Israel's national privileges
Fig, Olive, and Vine
Figures of Speech
Fire from heaven consumed sacrifices
Firstfruits, The
First Occurrences:
           Day of the Lord
           Divine Names and Titles
           Man of God
           Questions in OT and NT
           Son of Man, The
           Utterance of Lord Jesus
           Utterance of the Old Serpent
Five, Signification of the number
Flinders Petrie, Prof.
Foreign Missions
Four hundred and thirty years, The
Four hundred years, The
Four, Signification of the number
"From above"
"From the foundation of the world"
"From the very first"
"Fulfilled," Meanings of, in Luke 21:24,32
Future not to be read into the Present
Future, One part of, not to be read into another part

Gath, Goliath of
Genitive case
           of Apposition
           of Character
           of Contents
           of Material
           of Origin
           of Partition
           of Possession
           of Relation
Genitives, Two dependent
Gentile blessing never a secret
Gentiles stand by faith
Gentiles, The
God breathed, All Scripture
"God is one"
God of the living, The; God of the living, The
"God's building"
           of Gath
Gospel of God
           of Kingdom
           of the Glory
           of the Grace of God
Gospels, the four
"Go ye therefore"
Grace, Dispensation of
           of God, Gospel of the
Gradational Parallelism
Greek MSS of NT
           NT, Editions of
           Text, Printed
Greek words:
           Concurrent usages
           Number in Greek Literature
           Number in NT Vocabulary
           Uniform usage
Griesbach's Greek Text

Hebrew Bible:
           Chapters of
           MSS of OT
           Text, Divisions of
           Words, Synonymous
Hebrews, Authorship of Epistle to
Herod, The seven so called
Hezekiah's treasury depleted
"Higher" Critics
           make God a liar
"Him shall God destroy"

Ignorance, Times of
Importance of Accuracy
Imprecatory Psalms, The
           Limits of
Inscriptions on the Cross
Interpretation and Application; Interpretation and Application
Interpretation of Prophecy
Introverted Parallelism
Isaac's Meditation
Isaiah 6 quoted twice by Christ
Isaiah 6 quoted once by Paul
Isaiah's visions wrongly divided
Itala Version, The
"It is written"
"I will build"

Jacob, The burying of
Jacob's "kindred"
James and Matthew compared
James, Canonicity of
           Epistle of
           Luther on
           The three so-called
           To whom he wrote
Jeremiah not all chronological
"Jeremiah the Prophet"
Jerome's Version
Jews and Hebrew Bible
           and Religious privileges
Jews, Gentiles, and Church of God
Joash hidden
John, the four so-called
Jordan overflowing
Joseph a type of Christ
Joseph's coat
Judgment, Dispensation of
           God's principles of
Judgments, The three

           Gospel of
           in abeyance; in abeyance
           means sovereignty
           not the Church
           of Heaven, and of God
           Similes of
Kohath, Sons of
Korah, Sons of

Lachisch, The taking of
Lachmann's Greek Text
Last words of David, The
Law and Grace
Legs, Breaking of the
"Let him dip his foot in oil"
Libnah, The revolt of
Lightfoot on Matthew 27
Light of the eyes," "The
Light," "Walking in the
Limits of Inspiration
Literary form of the Word
"Lived not again"
Living Word and Written Word, The
Lord's Day," "The; Lord's Day," "The; Lord's Day," "The
Lord's Prayer," "The
"Lovest thou me more than these?"

Malefactors, The two
"Man" and "men"
Man, God's estimate of
           Hebrew words for
           of God
Man's Day
Marks of Reasoning of time
Meaning of words to be gathered from Scope
Meditation of Isaac, The
Memphytic Version, The
Mention of "the blood" in 1 John 1:7
Millennial Dispensation, The
Milton's amanuensis
Mivart, Professor
Moabite, The
Moses a type of Christ
Moses' Parents
"Most High"
Mustard-tree, The
Musterion, Usage of
Mystery, The; Mystery, The; Mystery, The
Mysteries of the Kingdom

Naked, The young man who fled
Names: Changes in
           Different persons with same
           of persons
           of places
           same persons with different names
New Theology, The; New Theology, The
Nine, Signification of the number
No one passage repugnant to another
"No smith found in Israel"
"Not the God of the dead"; "Not the God of the dead"
"Not yet"; "Not yet"; "Not yet"
Number in Scripture; Number in Scripture

Object of Christ's Coming
           of the Word, The
"Observe and do"
Obsolete English words
Offering of drink on the Cross
Offerings, The four great
"Of," Meanings of
Oil plentiful in Asher
Old Serpent's first utterance
Olive Tree, Israel's Religious privileges
One hundred and forty-four thousand, The
"On either side"
One, Signification of the number
Origen on Matthew 27
"Other sheep I have"
"Others" crucified with Christ, The
"Out of the Scriptures

Page Headings
Papyri, The
Parable of Ten Virgins, Application of
Parables of Matthew 13, The Seven
Parables of the Kingdom
Paradise; Paradise
           Cognate or Gradational
           Synthetic or Constructive
           Definition of
           Importance of
           of present Dispensation; of present Dispensation
Parents of Moses, The
Past, One part of, not to be read into another part
           Forms and Ceremonies
Pauline Epistles:
           Canonical order
           Chronological order
Persons with same name
Peschito Version
Peter's love tested
Petros and Petra
Philippian jailor
Place of a Passage
           with different names
           with same name
Pneuma hagion, Occurrences of
Porter, The
Potter's house," "The
"Power on her head"
Present not to be read into the Past
Priestly garments, Early
"Priests and Kings"
Priests before the Law
Printed Text of NT
"Private Interpretation"; "Private Interpretation"
Prophet God's spokesman
Prophets, New Testament
           Importance of
           none in Originals
           of Authorized Version
           of AV, Changes in
           of AV, Changes approved
           of AV, Changes disapproved
           of AV, Improvements suggested
"Put away the strange gods"

"Quench not the Spirit"
"Quickened," Christ's flesh

Remembering and Forgetting
Remoter Context
Removal of difficulties
Repentance," "No place of
Repugnant Passages
Requirement of Word, The one
Rest, The Saints'
Resurrection the subject of Matthew 22:32
Resurrections, The
Revelation of truths
Revised Version
Revisers' note on Romans 9:5 disapproved
Revolt of Libnah, The
Rich Man and Lazarus, The
Rightly Dividing Dispensational Truth and Teaching
Rightly Dividing Dispensations
Rightly Dividing the Word
Rock that followed," "The
Roe, Richard Baillie
Royal titles
"Ruth the Moabitess"

Sabbath, The
           accepted by fire
           not commanded
Sadducees deny resurrection
"Saints" used of Israel
           used of Angels
Satan's first utterance
           sphere of influence
"Say unto the Queen"
Scope of a passage to be gathered from its Structure
Scope of passage the key to meaning of its words
Scope of 1 Peter
Scrivener's Greek NT
Seals, The seven
Second day," "The
Second Epistle to Timothy
Secrets of the Kingdom
Septuagint Version, The
Sermon on the Mount, The
Servitude in Egypt, The
Seven Parables of Matthew 13, The
Seven, Signification of the number
Shechem, The burials in
Sheep-fold, The
Sheol, Renderings of Hebrew word
Simon, The ten so-called
"Sin," Hebrew words for
Sinaitic MS, The
Six the number of Man
Sixtus V, Pope
Sodom, Abraham's prayer for
Sojourning of Israel, The
"Son of David," Title of
           Son of Man," "The; Son of Man," "The
           Man, The title
Sons of God, The title
           of Korah
Sphere of Satan's influence
Spies hidden, Joshua's
Spirit striving, The
Spirits in Prison; Spirits in Prison
Stalks of flax
Standing or Falling to the Earth
Stephen sees Jesus standing
Stephens, Robert
           Advantages of
           History of
           of Bible as a whole
           of passage, the key to its Scope
           Principles governing
           Genesis 15:13
           1 Samuel 16-18
           2 Samuel 23:4
           2 Samuel 23:5
           Psalm 19
           Psalm 105
           Psalm 145
           Isaiah 52:13-53:12
           Jeremiah (whole book)
           Jeremiah 21-35
           Joel (whole book)
           Joel 2:18-3:21
           Joel 3:1-16
           Matthew 24:4-28
           Matthew 24:29-25:46
           Luke 1:68-79
           Romans 8:19-21
           Romans 12:1-15:7
           1 Corinthians 8:1-8
           1 Corinthians 8:9-13
           2 Corinthians (whole Epistle)
           2 Corinthians 3:1-6:10
           2 Corinthians 4:1-5:11
           Hebrews (whole Epistle)
           Hebrews 1 and 2; Hebrews 1 and 2
           Hebrews 5:1-10:18
           Hebrews 8:3-10:18
           Hebrews 8:7-13
           Hebrews 9:15-23
           Hebrews 9:25-10:18
           1 Peter (whole Epistle)
           1 Peter 2:11-4:6
           1 Peter 3:17-4:6
           1 Peter 3:18-22
           2 Peter (whole Epistle)
           2 Peter 1:16-21
           2 Peter 1:19,20
           2 Peter 1:21
Subject-matter of the Word to be divided
Subject of the Word, The
"Sufferings and Glory"
           in James 2:2
           Greek words
           Hebrew words
Synthetic Parallelism
Syriac Version, The
Syrophoenician Woman, The

           Hebrew words for
           The Order of making
"Teaching all nations"
Ten, Signification of the number
Ten Virgins, Application of Parable
Testament and Covenant in Hebrews 9:15-23; Testament and Covenant in Hebrews 9:15-23
Textus Receptus, The
"That observe and do"
"The End"; "The End"
"The End not yet"
"Thee and thy seed"
"Then came Amalek"
"Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened"
"Then shall the offering"
"Then they that feared the Lord"
"Then will I sprinkle"
Theology, The New
"Therefore...beseech you"
"Therefore...I charge thee"
"These are the beginning of sorrows"
The words of Christ given Him to speak
Thief, The dying
Thieves, The two
Thirteen, Signification of the number
Thirty pieces of silver
"This generation"
"This is that"
"Thou art Peter"
"Thou...shalt not drink wine"
Three, Signification of the number
Times of the Gentiles," "The
Timothy, Second Epistle to
Tischendorf's Greek Text
"To die is gain"
Tregelles' Greek Text
Tribulation: The Church not to pass through; Tribulation: The Church not to pass through
Triumph in resurrection, Christ's
Triune name, Baptism into
Truth resulting from due regard to Context
Twelve, Signification of the number
Two, Signification of the number
Two Testaments, The

Under Law, The Dispensation
Unjust Steward, Parable of
           of words essential
           Uniform usage of Greek words

Various readings; Various Readings
Vatican MS, The
           The Ancient
Vine, Israel's Spiritual privileges
Vulgate Version
           Corruption of

"Waiting for God's Son from heaven"
Walk in the light," "If we
"Was" and "was"
Weak brother," "Thy
Whale," "Jonah's
"When" in 2 Thessalonians 1:7,10
"Where art thou?"
"Where is He?"
"Withhold" in 2 Thessalonians 2:6,7
Woman's head to be veiled in worship
"Word" and the "Words"
Word of life, The
Word of truth, The
Words, Meaning of, to be gathered from Scope
Wordsworth on Matthew 27:9
"Work out your own salvation"
World that then was, The
"Wouldest thou be spoken for to the king?"
Wrongly dividing the Word; Wrongly dividing the Word

           The 120, of Genesis 6:3
           The 400
           The 430
           The 450, of Acts 13:20
           The 480th of 1 Kings 6:1
           The 490 of Daniel 9
"Ye do alway resist"
"Ye will not come"
Young man who fled from Gethsemane

Zedekiah and Babylon


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