and Their Infiltration of the Seven Churches of Revelation
by John Daniel

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Secret Societies and
Their Infiltration of the Seven Churches of Revelation

Transciption of seven 1-hour audio cassette messages 
by John Daniel, author of "Scarlet and the Beast"

The following transcription of this seven tape series is presented here mainly for its historical value. There are MANY, MANY areas of concern not the least of which pertain to conclusions reached by the author but the background information is so complete and compelling that we thought it would be worth the time to transcribe them anyway. Please read with extreme caution.

Transcribed by Moza (, June 2001. 

Name and places where the spelling was unknown or in question have been written phonetically and indicated by (ph) next to the word.  Please note that has no official association with John Daniel or JKI publishing, thus any questions or comments about the contents of these tapes should be addressed to them. 


Biblical text: Revelation 1-3

Why These Seven Churches?

The seven churches in Revelation were named after the seven cities in Asia Minor (Turkey) where they were headquartered. First was Ephesus, followed in order by Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea.

Why did Jesus instruct the Apostle John to write to these seven particular churches in this particular order? There were other churches Christ could have chosen. South of Laodicea was Colosse. In Greece there were three churches, Philippi, Thessalonica, and Corinth. There were also churches at Galatia, Hierapolis, and Troas. Why these particular seven?

Many theologians agree that these seven churches were selected by Christ because they exemplify seven ages through which the prophetic Church has now historically passed.

First Proof. The Greek meaning of the name of each city where the churches were headquartered defines a peculiar characteristic that we find in each of seven historic church periods.

Second Proof. Each church in Asia Minor was plagued with a pagan problem peculiar to that city where it was headquartered. The pagan problem was a mystery religion, or in our modern vernacular, a secret society. Each church in Asia Minor reacted to these secret societies in a specific manner. These same reactions toward secret societies can also be recognized in seven distinct historic church periods spanning the last 2,000 years.

Third Proof. As each of the seven churches in Asia Minor was located in a city with a peculiar characteristic and secret society, so too each historic church period was headquartered within a country having those same peculiar characteristics and secret societies. These countries are Asia Minor, Rome, northern Europe, England, and America.

Fourth Proof. As did all seven church types exist simultaneously in John's day, so too were all seven in existence throughout the church age, with one of the seven predominant during each of the seven church periods.

Fifth Proof. Each individual Christian will have at least one characteristic, and be confronted by at least one pagan problem peculiar to each of the seven churches.

John Daniel's message to you is that you understand what characteristic best fits your spiritual walk with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, because that characteristic is developing you for your eternal vocation — only if you overcome the pagan problem. Christ speaks to you and to your eternal vocation when He says, "To him that overcometh [the pagan problem] will I give [this particular eternal vocation]."

The seven eternal vocations are: (1) Caretaker of Paradise; (2) Caretaker of the New Jerusalem; (3) Special companion of Christ; (4) Kings over the nations of the New Earth; (5) Bride of Christ; (6) Priests in the New Jerusalem; (7) Kings, ruling with Christ over all creation.

After listening to these tapes, you will most assuredly know what you will be doing for all eternity.

John Daniel believes that these messages to The Seven Churches of Revelation are so vital to the Church today that he will not permit JKI Publishing to copyright them. He wants you to have complete freedom to duplicate them and give them to your pastors and Christian friends.

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Secret Societies and Their Infiltration of the Seven Churches of Revelation
by John Daniel
Philologos Edition: Jun2901

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