or Day of the Lord
by E.W. Bullinger

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The Apocalypse
"The Day of the Lord"

E.W. Bullinger, D.D.
Second Edition
(Revised and Corrected)


Analytical Table of Contents



Fifteen Preliminary Points
I.     The [Five-Fold] Division of the Bible
II.    The Hebrew Character of the Book
III.   The Church not the subject of Old Testament Prophecy
IV.  "The Lord's Day"
V.    The Titles of Christ used in the Book

1. "The Son of Man" (i. 13)
2. "The Almighty" (i. 8)
3. "Lord God" (i. 8)
4. "The First and the Last" (i. 11)
5. "The Prince of the Kings of the Earth" (i. 5)
6. "Who is to Come" (i. 8)
7. "The Living One" (i. 18)

VI.    The People of the Book: "Servants"
VII.   The Title of the Book
VIII.  The Descriptions of the Book

1.    "The Word of God" (i. 2)
2.    "This Prophecy" (i. 3)
3.    "The Testimony of Jesus Christ" (i. 2, 9)

IX.    Certain Expressions in Chaps. i. - iii.

1.    "Unto Him that loved us" (i. 5)
2.    "Kings and Priests" (i. 6)
3.    "His Father" (i. 6)
4.    "Kingdom and Patience" (i. 9)
5.    "Out of His mouth went a sharp two-edged sword" (i. 16)
6.    "A great voice" (i. 10, 12)
7.    "He that hath an ear, let him hear"

X.      The Character of Christ's Advent
XI.     The Vision of the Son of Man (i. 13-16)
XII.    The Book the Complement of Genesis
XIII.   The Summary of its Contents (i. 19)
XIV.   The Seven Assemblies as a whole (i. 11)

1.    Ephesus: the day of Israel's Espousals (Exodus. "Thy first love")
2.    Smyrna: the period of Israel's Wanderings (Numbers. Days and Years)
3.    Pergamos: the Wilderness Period (Numbers. "Balaam")
4.    Thyatira: the period of Israel's Kings (1 and 2 Kings. Ahab and    Jezebel)
5.    Sardis: the period of Israel's Removal (1 and 2 Chronicles)
6.    Philadelphia: the period of Judah's Kings (2 Chronicles and Isaiah)
7.    Laodicea: the period of Judah's Removal (the Minor Prophets)

XV.    The Seven Assemblies and their Promises

1.    Ephesus. "The Tree of Life" (Gen. ii.)
2.    Smyrna. "The Second Death" (Gen. iii.)
3.    Pergamos. "The Hidden Manna" (Exodus xvi.)
4.    Thyatira. "The Morning Star" (Num. xxiv.)
5.    Sardis. Names Confessed (2 Sam. xxiii.)
6.    Philadelphia. The Temple (Sam. and Kings)
7.    Laodicea. The Throne (Kings and Chronicles)

The Scope of the Apocalypse shewn by its place in the Canon

The Scope of the Apocalypse gathered from its Structure

The Introduction (chap. i.)

The People on the Earth (chaps. ii. and iii.)

    The 1st Epistle (Ephesus, ii. 1-7)
    The 2nd Epistle (Smyrna, ii. 8-11)
    The 3rd Epistle (Pergamos, ii. 12-17)
    The 4th Epistle (Thyatira, ii. 18-20)
    The 5th Epistle (Sardis, iii. 1-6)
    The 6th Epistle (Philadelphia, iii. 7-13)
    The 7th Epistle (Laodicea, iii. 14-22)

The First Vision "in Heaven" (chaps. iv. and v.)

    The Throne (iv.)
    The Book, the Lion, and the Lamb (v.)

The First Vision "on Earth" (the six Seals and the Sealing, vi. 1 - vii. 8)

    The 1st Seal (the false Christ, vi. 1,2)
    The 2nd Seal (Wars, vi. 3,4)
    The 3rd Seal (Famines, vi. 5,6)
    The 4th Seal (Pestilence, vi. 7,8)
    The 5th Seal (Martyrdom, vi. 9-11)
    The 6th Seal (Signs in Heaven, vi. 12-17)
    The Sealing of the 144,000 (vii. 1-8)

The Second Vision "in Heaven" (vii. 9 - viii. 6)

    The Great Multitude (vi. 9-17)
    The 7th Seal (viii. 1-6)

The Second Vision "on Earth" (viii. 7 - xi. 14)

    The 1st Trumpet (Hail and Fire, viii. 7)
    The 2nd Trumpet (the Burning Mountain, viii. 8,9)
    The 3rd Trumpet (the Fallen Star, viii. 10,11)
    The 4th Trumpet (Sun and Stars smitten, viii. 12)
    The 5th Trumpet, or 1st WOE (the Locusts, ix. 1-12)
    The 6th Trumpet, or 2nd WOE (ix. 13-21)

            The Spirit-Horsemen (ix. 16-21)
            Another Angel (x. 1-11)
            The Two Witnesses (xi. 1-14)

The Third Vision "in Heaven" (the 7th Trumpet, xi. 15-19)

The Third Vision "on Earth" (xi. -19)

The Fourth Vision "in Heaven" (xii. 1-12)

    The Woman and the Dragon (xii. 1-4)
    The Woman and the Child (xii. 5)
    The Great Conflict of the Ages (xii. 6)
    The War in Heaven (xii. 7-9)
    The Loud Voice in Heaven. The 3rd WOE (xii. 10-12)

The Fourth Vision "on Earth" (xii. 13 - xiii. 18)

    Result of the War as to Israel (xii. 13 - xiii. 1-)
    Result of the War as to the Earth ( xiii. -1-18)

            The First Beast (xiii. 1-10)
            The Second Beast (xiii. 11-18)

The Fifth Vision "in Heaven" (xiv. 1-5)

    The Lamb and the 144,000

The Fifth Vision "on Earth" (xiv. 6-20)

    The First Angel (xiv. 6,7)
    The Second Angel (xiv. 8)
    The Third Angel (xiv. 9-13)

His Denunciation (xiv. 9-11)
His Consolation (xiv. 12,13)

    The Son of Man (xiv. 14)
    The Fourth Angel and the Harvest (xiv. 15,16)
    The Fifth Angel (xiv. 17)
    The Sixth Angel and the Vintage (xiv. 18-20)

The Sixth Vision "in Heaven" (xv.)

    The Seven Vial Angels (xv. 1,2)
    The Song of Moses (xv. 3-)
    The Song of the Lamb (xv. -3-8)

The Sixth Vision "on Earth" (xvi., xvii., xviii.)

    The Great Judgments (the Vials, xvi.)

            The 1st Vial (on the Earth, xvi. 1,2)
            The 2nd Vial (on the Sea, xvi. 3)
            The 3rd Vial (on the Rivers, xvi. 4-7)
            The 4th Vial (on the Sun, xvi. 8,9)
            The 5th Vial (on the Throne of the Beast, xvi. 10,11)
            The 6th Vial (on the Euphrates, xvi. 12-16)
            The 7th Vial (into the Air, xvi. 17-21)

    The Great Harlot (xvii.)

            The Vision (xvii. 1-6)
            The Interpretation (xvii. 7-18)

    The Great City (xviii.)

The Seventh (and last) Vision "in Heaven" (xix. 1-16)

    The Final Heavenly Utterances (xix. 1-10)
    The Final Heavenly Actions (xix. 11-16)

The Seventh (and last) Vision "on Earth" (xix. 17 - xx. 15)

    The Final Five Judgments: -

            The 1st Judgment (Men, xix. 17-21)
            The 2nd Judgment (Satan, xx. 1-3)
            The 3rd Judgment (Men, xx. 4-6)
            The 4th Judgment (Satan, xx. 7-10)
            The 5th Judgment (Men, xx. 11-15)

The People of the New Earth (xxi. 1 - xxii. 5)

    The Vision of the New Heavens and Earth (xxi. 1,2)
    Voices (xxi. 3-8)
    The Vision of the Bride or Holy City (xxi. 9 - xxii. 5)

The Conclusion (xxii. 6-21)

Appendix: On the relation of Astrology to the Apocalypse

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The Apocalypse by E.W.  Bullinger
Philologos Edition: Apr1801


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