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Juno, with Pomegranate

Fig. 33: Juno, with Pomegranate

From BRYANT, vol. iii. p. 276.

Bryant gives the title of the above figure as "Juno, Columba, and Rhoia;" but from Pausanias we learn that the bird on the sceptre of Hera, or Juno, when she was represented with the pomegranate, was not the Columba or Dove, but the Cuckoo (PAUSAN., lib. ii. Corinthiaca, cap. 17); from which it appears, that when Hera or Juno was thus represented, it was not as the incarnation of the Spirit of God, but as the mother of mankind, that she was represented. But into the story of the cuckoo I cannot enter here.

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Alexander Hislop

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