What is Philologos?

The name Philologos is made up of two parts: philo which means "loving; having an affinity for" and logos which means "word." We narrow the definition of logos down to mean THE Word, Jesus, and seek to provide materials that facilitate the acquiring of a personal relationship with the Messiah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with a special emphasis on his Jewish background and prophetic ministry. To this end we offer the following areas of study:

Online books: books by such noted authors as Alfred Edersheim, E. W. Bullinger, Louis Ginzburg, W. M. Ramsay, John Lightfoot etc.

Bible Prophecy Research (BPR): files dedicated to breaking down and examining different phrases/concepts mostly dealing with the Book of Revelation and its role as the "Grand Central Station" of Biblical prophecy; a place to use as a springboard for a journey that encompasses every nook and cranny of the Bible.

Reference Guide: our recommendations for materials (books, software, videos) we have found helpful in our studies.  

Jewish Calendar: a reference source used as a reminder of upcoming Jewish events and holy days. Also includes significant past events in Jewish history, as well as upcoming astronomical happenings. 


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Please be advised that this domain (Philologos.org) does not endorse 100 per cent any link contained herein. This forum is for the dissemination of pertinent information on an end-times biblical theme which includes many disturbing, unethical, immoral, etc. topics and should be viewed with a mature, discerning eye.