Jesus and the Forgotten City : New Light on
                     Sepphoris and the Urban World of Jesus

Jesus and the Forgotten City : New Light on Sepphoris and the Urban World of Jesus
by Richard Batey

Hardcover - 225 pages 
April 2000
CenturyOne Media
ISBN: 0967849101

Available at:

Philologos comments 
The title says it all: this book is about a city called Sepphoris that was about an hour's walk from Nazareth and postulates whether Jesus grew up in a much more urbanized setting than is usually depicted when conjuring up images of Jesus' everyday life. Sepphoris in the first century is described as "the ornament of all Galilee, its capital and its largest and most ornate city, and at that time second only to Jerusalem in importance in all Palestine" (p 14). Archaeological evidence in the area seems to point to a much different overall setting for Jesus' early life than we are used to hearing for it is pretty hard to believe that a city of that size and that proximity would have no influence on the inhabitants of Nazareth.

Chapters include:

  • The Importance of Sepphoris in Jesus' Day
  • Jesus the Carpenter
  • Jesus and the Theater
  • Antipas the Fox and John the Baptist
  • The King Figure in the Teachings of Jesus
  • Herod Antipas' Galilean Economy
  • The Economy of the Kingdom of God
  • Jesus, Friend of Tax Collectors
  • Jerusalem, City of the Great King.

Very nice pictures and illustrations but a little pricey.



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