In His Image (Book One of The Christ Clone Trilogy) 
by James BeauSeigneur

Paperback - 366 pages 
April 1, 1997 
Selectivehouse Pub Inc
ISBN: 0965694852

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From the Backcover: What begins as a scientist's plan to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life by cloning cells found on the Shroud of Turin, turns into a nightmare of worldwide destruction and the ultimate battle between good and evil.  Tightly woven around the fulfillment of every major and minor 'end-times' biblical prophecy, as well as major prophecies from more than a dozen other world religions, the Trilogy is so closely tied to actual events, it includes nearly 200 footnotes.

Recounting the actual events of a 1978 expedition of American scientists to examine the Shroud of Turin (believed by millions to be the burial shroud of Jesus Christ), author James BeauSeigneur takes you to the origins of a conspiracy that will change the world forever.  For unknown to the rest of the team, one of the scientists, Professor Harold Goodman, makes a startling discovery:  a cluster of dermal cells, still alive after two thousand years.  Based on his discovery and the theories of real life Nobel Prize winner, Francis Crick, Goodman sets about to prove that the man on the Shroud was actually a member of an alien race, four billion years advanced to life on earth.  The incredible plan to prove his theory:  clone Jesus!  The cloning of Jesus from the cells found on the Shroud sets in motion forces which trigger worldwide cataclysms, precipitating the end of life as we know it and ushering in a New Age for the planet.

Though other book and movies — Rosemary's Baby, The Omen, The Stand, The Seventh Sign — have played off end-times themes, non have attempted to hold faithfully to the prophetic texts.  Books on the subject written for the religious market are more attentive to prophecy but generally show little regard for detail, present a distorted "Sunday-school" view of the world, and are so maudlin in the presentation that they have little appeal outside the religious market.  The Christ Clone Trilogy is the first serious treatment of the events of the biblically prophesied end times.  The scholarship in all areas covered (science, history, medicine, geography, politics, astrophysics, the Bible, the New Age, etc.) is impeccable.

About the Author:  James BeauSeigneur's published works include technical manuals on strategic defense and military avionics; newspaper articles; speeches for U.S. Congressional and Senatorial candidates; and lyrics for several songs.  Formerly involved in politics on a full-time bases, Mr. BeauSeigneur has managed several campaigns and in 1980 ran for U.S. Congress against Al Gore, now the Vice President.  He has four years of experience in military intelligence including two and half years with the National Security Agency.



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