Birth of an Age (Book Two of The Christ Clone Trilogy) 
by James BeauSeigneur

Paperback - 241 pages 
1 Edition (October 1, 1997) 
Selectivehouse Pub Inc
ISBN: 0965694860

Available at:

From the Backcover:  The Messiah of the New Age.  His coming is prophesied by more than a dozen major religions.  Cloned from cells of Jesus Christ found on the Shroud of Turin, Christopher Goodman was born into the most turbulent time in human history.  Already two nuclear holocausts have shaken the planet — the first in 2003, destroying much of the Russian Republic, and the second in 2019, killing half a billion people in China, India, and Pakistan.

Unknown to the world's inhabitants, an even greater threat is waiting just beyond the earth's horizon — a threat that may annihilate the entire human race!  Thrown from their orbits by the spiritual powers of two religious madmen, one who claims to be the Apostle John, three asteroids are hurtling toward the planet.  Yet Christopher Goodman, the only one who can stop it, must wait and allow it to happen.  For it is far more than life and death that hang in the balance.  It is the fulfilment of galactic destiny, humankind's final evolutionary step that will propel man as far beyond his current state as humans are now above the insects.  It is the birth of a New Age!


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