Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus by Michael Brown

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Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus : Theological Objections 
by Michael L. Brown

Paperback - 332 pages
November 2000
Baker Book House
ISBN: 0801063345

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See also Volume I dealing with General and Historical Objections

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Book Description 
In this second of three volumes of Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, Brown takes up twenty-eight of the most weighty objections raised against Jesus. These are real questions and real answers, formed by years of dialogue with rabbis and religious Jews. Some objections include:

  • Jews don't believe in the Trinity. We believe in one God, not three. 
  • God doesn't have a son. 
  • The Christian concept of salvation is contrary to the Hebrew Bible and Jewish tradition. Jews don't need saving. 
  • Jews don't believe in a suffering Messiah.

Brown shows how New Testament teaching on the nature of God and the divinity of the Messiah is in harmony with the Hebrew Scriptures, how blood sacrifices joined with repentance were the heart and soul of the Torah's system of atonement, and how Yeshua fulfilled a lofty Jewish concept, bringing atonement to the world through his death.

As with Brown's earlier volume, this rich resource comes thoroughly referenced with notes and includes a glossary, subject index, and index of Scripture and other ancient writings. It is a necessity for anyone involved in Jewish-Christian dialogue or apologetics.

From the Back Cover 
In Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, Volume Two, Michael Brown provides real answers to twenty-eight theological objections. He treats these objections seriously and fairly, building answers from the often surprising teachings in Rabbinic literature and the Hebrew Scriptures. As Brown's answers progressively reveal, belief in Yeshua-Jesus-is not something alien to Jewish tradition but is profoundly rooted in that tradition, fulfilling its purpose.

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Part 3 Theological Objections
Subject Index
Index of Scripture and Other Ancient Writings



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