The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea

Table of Contents

Antichrist and a Cup of Tea
by Tim Cohen

Paperback - 444 pages
Illustrated edition (March 1998)
Prophecy House
ISBN: 0966279301

Available at:

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Back Cover: "The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea will answer your questions about the AntiChrist.  How literally should you take God's written Word? Is it literal even to the point of its apocalyptic symbolism?"

Examine these topics:

  • How the AntiChrist will use the United Nations to control the world
  • Who has requested to be the King of Europe
  • Whose name scripturally calculates to 666 in English and Hebrew
  • Who claims descent from Jesus, Mohammed, and David, yet appears to be from Dan and Satan
  • Whose heraldic achievement literally bears the satanic imagery — the "calling card" — of the AntiChrist

Much More!

Listen to Tim Cohen speak about his book on the Sid Roth show:
Date: Sept. 11-15, 2000
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Hear him on The Missler Report:
Date: November 2-4, 1998
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Reviews:  Dr. Noah Hutchings, Author, Y2K=666? —  "A fascinating book that connects the history of the royal family of England to end-time prophecy. The section dealing with the interpretation of the complicated and intricate designs in Prince Charles' Coat of Arms is especially intriguing.... History buffs and students of prophecy will enjoy this book."

Gary Kah, Author, En Route to Global Occupation — "Challenging, informative, and timely, Tim Cohen's material is must reading!"

Endorsements: Chuck Missler, Founder, Koinonia House, author "Alien Encounters" — "A lot of prophecy books cross my desk, but this one — this one — this one you have to get... [The] premise is provocative and ...[the] book is historically fascinating, and it's far more illuminating than many of the things I get sent... Even though I have to admit I don't necessarily agree to the premise [of knowing the identity of the AntiChrist before the rapture] or the conclusions [that he is now identified], it is the kind of book you really need for your library because it fills in all this background that you will run into.... It's one of the best-done historically documented works here... [Moreover, it] exhaustively documents a possible identity of the coming world leader, and we find the book... an absolute jewel..., especially for someone who's a student of history.  I am profoundly impressed... and it is, I think, an extremely interesting book..."

David Hocking, Author and President, Hope for Today: "Rarely has a book been so thoroughly researched!  The uniqueness of Tim Cohen's work is the way he brings so many facts together that point to a possible candidate for the man the Bible describes as "AntiChrist."  You may disagree with his conclusion, but you cannot argue with the thoroughness and details of his presentation.  The historical 'connections' are worth the price of the book alone.  May this work prepare us all to be aware of how world events are coming together and fulfilling God's plan, and may it lead those who read it to a personal knowledge and commitment to the true Messiah as our only hope and salvation."


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