A Nation Under Wrath by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Table of Contents

A Nation Under Wrath: Studies in Isaiah 5
By Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Trade Paperback
192 Pages
Baker/revell 1997
ISBN: 0801057906

From the back cover: The words of a godly prophet fell upon deaf and stubborn ears 2,800 years ago, and they still do today.

What can we discern from the prophetic warnings leveled at Israel nearly three millennia ago? Is the depravity that caused God's favored nation to ultimately earn his wrath paralleled by the patterns and sins of contemporary society?

If so, well-informed believers must seek to turn the tide. In "A Nation under Wrath," D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones focuses on the six "woes" portrayed in Isaiah 5, words that ring with chilling familiarity. The author examined the biblical text's admonition toward drunkenness, deceit, lying, shrewd evil, and corruption of justice. He then takes a look at how these "woes" are not unlike our modern societal problems, which include:

  • materialism
  • pleasure mania
  • moral perversion
  • humanism
  • substance abuse
  • sin in high places

Pastors, scholars, seminary students, Bible teachers, and others with a strong interest in how biblical prophecy connects to contemporary events and situations will find "A Nation under Wrath" an invaluable tool--and a powerful wake-up call.


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