The New Testament World : Insights from Cultural Anthropology 
by Bruce J. Malina

Paperback - 250 pages 
3rd Rev&ex edition (March 2001) 
Westminster John Knox Pr
ISBN: 0664222951

Available at:

Philologos Comment
I really enjoyed this book and its insights into the norms and mores of the time when Jesus walked the earth. Being American, most of the material regarding everyday life in the Middle East at that time is somewhat foreign to me, my way of thinking and my upbringing. This book will help clear up difficulties encountered in the Gospels in the areas of: honor and shame, individual versus group, social status, kinship and marriage and what is considered clean and unclean. It is written in a relaxed, easy style and is a great resource for studying the life and times of Jesus. I have made room for this fine work on my shelves so that it will be at my fingertips when I need a first century reality check.


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