Secrets of Golgotha : The Lost History of Jesus' Crucifixion
by Ernest L. Martin

Paperback 2nd edition (June 1996)
Assc. for Scriptual Knowledge
ISBN: 0945657862 

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Table of Contents

"This book reveals brand new discoveries that precisely locate the site where Christ was crucified and resurrected from the dead. Some may say that it makes no difference where the place was in the Jerusalem area as long as we know and believe that Christ did in fact die for our sins. But when the true site is recognized, a new understanding of the Gospel of Christ emerges on the scene which enlightens our comprehension of what the Gospel itself is all about. It brings together much typical teaching of the Old Testament into a living reality by revealing new views of the works that Christ did while he was on earth, and what he did for mankind at Calvary.

"Recently uncovered geographical and historical evidence now point to the site recognized by early Christians—the southern summit of the Mt. of Olives—and confirm Paul's indication that the punishment occured "outside the camp." Reconciles in great detail both Roman and Jewish legal requirements.

"This book has extensive historical research to show that the people of the fourth century were deceived in selecting the present day Church of the Holy Sepulchre. This 455 page book has a great deal of carefully researched information that will make the biblical messages come alive as never before. It shows that the teachings of the New Testament about the crucifixion are historically true. It presents a central key to understanding the whole of the Bible."


Table of Contents

1. The Geographical Key to Jesus' Crucifixion
2. The Camp of Israel
3. The Importance of the Red Heifer Sacrifice
4. The Astronomical Importance of the Camp
5. The Jewish Place of Execution in Jerusalem
6. The Place of Roman Execution
7. Tearing of the Temple Curtain
8. A Significant Geographical Indication
9. Where and What was Golgotha
10. Historical Records and the Mount of Olives
11. Where Was the Sanhedrin Located?
12. The Sanhedrin and the Mount of Olives
13. Abraham, Isaac and the Mount of Olives
14. Christian Beliefs and the Mount of Olives
15. The New Mount Zion for Christians
16. Visions, Dreams and Signs
17. The Counterfeit Golgotha
18. Accepting the Site of the Temple of Venus
19. Why the Temple of Venus?
20. Burial Grounds in Jerusalem
21. The Manner of Jesus' Crucifixion
22. The Surprising Cause of Jesus' Death
23. The Real Jesus of the Bible
24. The "New" Jesus of the Fourth Century
25. The Year of Jesus' Crucifixion
26. Temple Rituals and the Crucifixion
27. The Spiritual Significance of Golgotha
28. What Difference Does it Make?
29. Epilogue

Addendum One: The Year of Jesus' Death
Addendum Two: Jesus and Modern Judaism

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