The Perpetual Flame by Jamie L. Perez The Perpetual Flame: Offering Acceptable Worship Unto God 
by Jamie L. Perez

Paperback - 505 pages 
March 2001
Writers Club Press/
ISBN: 059517583X 

Available at:

From the Preface
"This study focuses on the how of righteous living. I firmly believe that it is not enough to intellectually agree with certain beliefs. Our lives must show a change; otherwise the knowledge is useless. God did not leave us on our own, nor did He give us permission to establish our own definition of righteousness. He defined it for us. This book examines those instructions. God told us what to do; now we need to do it — our relationship with God depends upon it.

...When I began this project, The Perpetual Flame was one volume. As I entered into the mitzvot describing how God desires to be worshipped, the size of this book made me realize that it deserved its own space. This volume covers those mitzvot specifically related to worshipping God in an acceptable manner... In many family situations, spouses have to guess what pleases the other, and children and parents struggle to understand how to please each other. God does not want us to guess on what pleases Him. He wants us to know — so He provided the answers. He did not want us to worship Him in ignorance, but in spirit and truth. He gave us His Instructions on proper worship. This book attempts to make those mitzvot clear, understandable and applicable even to those who have never read the Torah before."

From the back cover
Written in a study format, this in-depth, practical Bible study can be used for personal, family or group discussions. Every lesson ends with questions and answers to augment and reinforce what you have learned and challenge you in your spiritual walk." 


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