Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America 
by Jeff Pollard

The title says it all. This is a 46 page booklet which can be obtained free (free postage included) from Chapel Library at

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"Excess and sensuality -- both of these bear on modesty...If [Christian women] are modest, they will not draw attention to themselves in the wrong way. Their dress will not say 'SEX!' or 'PRIDE!' or 'MONEY!' but 'purity,' 'humility,' and 'moderation.'"

"Christian modesty is the inner self-government, rooted in a proper understanding of one's self before God, which outwardly displays itself in humility and purity from a genuine love for Jesus Christ, rather than in self- glorification or self-advertisement. Christian modesty then will not publicly expose itself in sinful nakedness."

"Please note: this is NOT an argument for a return to the mode of dress worn in Biblical times. The examples cited only suggest the purpose and function of clothing and the approximate area of the body that clothes were designed to cover."



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