The Voice of the Lord Messianic Jewish Daily Devotional
by David J. Rudolph (Editor)

Paperback - 384 pages (June 1, 1998)
Messianic Jewish Publishers a Division of the Lederer Foundation
ISBN: 1880226707

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From the opening paragraph of Introduction:

"Psalm 29 is special. It is a beloved psalm among the Jewish people. Every Friday evening as the traditional Jew prays in the synagogue and prepares to enter into the Sabbath, he meditates on Psalm 29, a text chosen by the rabbis because of its emphasis on the voice of the Lord and the majesty of God.  Seven times in this psalm, David repeats the expression kol ADONAI (voice of the Lord).  He cries out, 'The voice of ADONAI is over the waters... the voice of ADONAI in power, the voice of ADONAI in splendor.  The voice of ADONAI cracks the cedars... The voice of ADONAI flashes fiery flames; the voice of ADONAI rocks the desert... and strips the forests bare.'  Those who read this psalm are humbled, inspired, and filled to overflowing faith as they hear of the kol ADONAI and of the King who reigns forever.  The words, 'the voice of the Lord,' serve as a powerful exhortation to give adoration, worship, and daily devotion to the Ruler of the Universe.  Such is also the high purpose of this book."


"...and excellent and very worthwhile piece of work...I pray that it may be widely used among Jewish believers but also among Christians who need a different perspective in their daily readings from Scripture and in their devotions." — Edith Schaeffer, Author and Lecturer

"...a masterful job of bringing together the devotional thoughts of some of the top leaders and scholars in the Messianic Jewish movement.  A practical, insightful, and inspirational work." — Dr. Michael L. Brown, President, Brownsville Revival School of Ministry

"...a devotional book with different Messianic leaders sharing their reflections on God, Y'shua, and what it means to move in a Messianic milieu.  The authors of the devotional articles are the virtual 'Who's Who' of the modern Messianic movement." — Moshe Rosen, Founder, Jews for Jesus


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