God at Ground Zero by Curt Sewell

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God at Ground Zero : The Manhattan Project and a Scientist's Discovery of Christ the Creator 
by Curt Sewell

Paperback - 300 pages (August 1997)
Master Books
ISBN: 0890511764

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Description: The personal story of Sewell's involvement in the Manhattan Project in World War II, as a young engineer shipped to a mysterious New Mexico location, the occasion is the testing of the world's first atomic bomb, and how he moved from a world based on evolutionary teachings, to new life in Christ. He combines this with a scientist's study of origins. Sewell begins by recalling the terror and awesomeness of the first atomic bomb, his own journey to Christ, eventually embracing the Genesis account of the world's beginnings. He explores the evidence for God and the incredible complexity we see in our world. He addresses geology, philsophy, continental drift, the fossil record, and dating methods employed by science. Contains technical information written in an easy to read style for the layman.


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