Seasons of Life (The Torah Universe) 
by Nosson Slifkin

Hardcover - 300 pages 
1st edition Vol 1 (October 1998) 
Philipp Feldheim
ISBN: 1568711107

Available at: 

Philologos Comment:
From the dust jacket: "When G-d created the universe, He used the Torah as the genetic blueprint. The Torah Universe is a multi-volume series that explores the manifestation of the Torah in the natural world. Analyzing the Torah enables us to understand the natural world; exploring the natural world helps us to better grasp the paterns of the Torah. And learning of the synchronization between the two leaves one with a profound appreciation of the wisdom of G-d.

"Seasons of Life, the first volume of The Torah Universe series, explores how the Jewish year, including the festivals and the months, are reflected in the natural cycle of the seasons and the lives of plants and animals."

That says it all better than anything I could come up with! I really enjoyed this book especially the appendices on fractal mathematics, Torah and DNA and the flow of time. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series if they are all up to this caliber. If you'd like to get more of a feel on what the author is all about before purchasing this book, check out his website on the web called Zoo Torah (


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