The Jewish New Testament Commentary: 
A Companion Volume to the Jewish New Testament

by David H. Stern

Hardcover - 927 pages (June 1994)
Jewish New Testament Pubns
ISBN: 9653590081

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Rediscover the Jewish roots of your faith! David Stern's Jewish New Testament Commentary offers an exciting way for Christians to understand the New Testament from a Jewish perspective. A messianic Jew living in Jerusalem, Stern seeks to bridge the spiritual and cultural gap between Christians and Jews as he relates the New Testament text to the Tanakh (Old Testament), the historical setting of the first century, rabbinic writings, and Christian theology. An engaging and informative resource! 948 pages, hardcover, Lederer.

Philologos Comments: There is also a Jewish New Testament, but it is my opinion that you don't need both. This work is from a private publishing house and there are some typos and other anomalies but nothing that is overwhelmingly confusing.


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