Ancient Prophecies About Mysticism, Hollywood and the Music Industry Ancient Prophecies About Mysticism Hollywood and the Music Industry 
by William Josiah Sutton

Mass Market Paperback - 382 pages (October 1999) 
The Institute of Religious Knowledge
ISBN: 0917013018

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This book is one of a five part series. It is written so that it can be read as a stand-alone treatise on this subject. The Table of Contents is very thorough and will give you all the information you need to determine whether this is something you wish to purchase or not. One word of caution, though: there are some conclusions by the author which I strenuously object to, but they do not include any historical references.

Chapter I: The Mystical Teachings of the Nation of Islam (Black Muslims) 

  1. The proposed Mystical Communal Government and the Three Woes pronounced against the Inhabitants of this Planet who practice and promote Spiritualism (Mysticism). 
  2. Sufism and the Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism) are being promoted Today by Hollywood’s Most Well-Known Celebrities. 
  3. The Marcus Garvey Movement and Noble Drew Ali’s Moorish Science Temple and the KKK. 
  4. Mystic Wallace Fard a.k.a. Allah or God and the Founding of the Nation of Islam. 
  5. Elijah Poole a.k.a. Elijah Muhammad. 
  6. Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali. 
  7. Former Calypso Singer Louis Farrakhan and his Black Separatist Beliefs. 
  8. The Recycling of the Black Egyptian Religion within the Nation of Islam is luring Blacks away from Christianity. 
  9. The Events that occurred at the Time of Moses and the Pharaoh of Egypt are just a Shadow of what shall come upon the Whole World.

Chapter II. The Mystical Teachings of Joseph Smith and the Parallels Between the Illuminati Plan and Mormonism 

  1. Joseph Smith was a Mystic, Diviner, and a Freemason, not a Prophet of God. 
  2. Smith claims to have had Numerous Visits from Extraterrestrial Visitors who were God-Men. 
  3. Smith taught that Humans pre-existed as Eternal Spirits and are in a Process here on Earth to become gods. Smith’s Secret Priesthoods of the Aaronic and Melchizedek Orders were stolen from Freemasonry. 
  4. The Most Bizarre and Distinctive Doctrines of the LDS Church are revealed in their Temple Ceremony. 
  5. The Mormon Church is a Religion within a Religion. 
  6. Joseph Smith, the American Muhammad. 
  7. Smith claimed that God had ordained Him to usher in the Kingdom of God and planned to overthrow all Governments by using Freemasonry. 
  8. Joseph Smith practiced Divination and supposedly translated the Book of Mormon by using Peepstones. 
  9. After denying the Mormon Connection with Freemasonry for some 150 years, today the Mormon Hierarchy boasts of having a more Superior Knowledge of Freemasonry; and They now believe that the Freemasons are a Counterfeit of the Latter-day Saints. 
  10. The Mysterious Parallels between the Illuminati Conspiracy and Mormonism. 
  11. The Council of Fifty and Smith’s Plan for a One-Word Communal (Communistic) Government to be set up under his Priesthood. 
  12. The dangerous Rivalry between Freemasonry and Mormonism and how Smith and his Brother were murdered by an Angry Mob on June 27, 1844. 
  13. Brigham Young carries out Smith’s Plans. 
  14. The Solomon Spaulding Novel and the Real Truth behind the Gold Plates (the Book of Mormon). 
  15. Sir Richard Burton’s Visit in 1860 with Mormon Leaders in Salt Lake; and His analysis of what their Religion of Mormonism really was and the Mormons’ Response.

Chapter III. The Mystical Teachings of Zoroaster, Buddha, and the Dalai Lama 

  1. Satan, the Seven-Headed Dragon. 
  2. “As Ye have heard that Antichrist shall come.” 
  3. Zoroastrianism and Ahura Mazda, the God of Fire. 
  4. Zarathushtra (Zoroaster) was not a Prophet of the God of Abraham; he was a Wizard of Spiritualism. 
  5. St. Francis of Assisi and his Connection with Spiritualism. 
  6. Zoroaster, Father of the Chaldean Oracles and the Kabbalah, the Jewish Book of Magic. 
  7. They Sacrificed unto Devils, not to God. 
  8. White and Black Magic Deceptions. 
  9. Mystical Union Deceptions. 
  10. John of the Cross’, Teresa of Avila’s, Thomas Aquinas’, and Augustine’s Ties with Mysticism. 
  11. The Dead know not Anything. 
  12. Siddhartha Gautama and Buddhism and its Claims. 
  13. Christians are uniting Themselves with Buddhism. 
  14. The Dalai Lama and his Claims. 
  15. Actor Richard Gere and his Connection with the Dalai Lama and Buddhism. 
  16. Harrison and Melissa Ford and the Promotion of Tibetan Buddhism. 
  17. Actor Steven Seagal and his Connection with Tibetan Buddhism.

Chapter IV. The Mystical Teachings of Muhammad and the Historical Facts about Allah and his Kaaba Shrine 

  1. Sutton’s Conversion from the Entertainment Field to Christianity. 
  2. The Dangers behind Martial Arts. 
  3. More Shocking Truths about the Order of the “Mystic Shrine” of Freemasonry and its Islamic Connection. 
  4. More Shocking Truths about the Origin of the Five-Pointed Star seen in the American and Islamic Flags. 
  5. More about the Kabbalah, the Jewish Book of Magic. 
  6. Islamic Mysticism and its Claim of having an Immortal Sufi Master called KHIDR, who is believed to be a Jew. 
  7. Sufi Masters are the Mystics and Poets of Islam. 
  8. The Shocking Truths behind the Wearing of the Shriner’s Red Fez. 
  9. Sufism and the Origin of the Koran (Qur’an). 
  10. Islam’s Claim that the Angel Gabriel had visited Muhammad. 
  11. The Koran rejects Jesus as the Son of God and states that Allah’s Curse be on Those that do. 
  12. Illuminism originally derived out of Sufism. 
  13. The Origin of all Oriental Mysticism traces back to Hermes of whom the Muslims call the Prophet Idris. 
  14. The Invading Arabian Saracens. 
  15. How Muhammad began his Career. 
  16. Why the Muslims built the Dome of the Rock on the Ruins of the Old Jewish Temple Area. 
  17. How the Saints and Gods of Ancient Mysticism can be traced back to Nimrod and his Family. 
  18. The Names Sheitan and Teitan mean Satan. 
  19. The Mystic-King Attila and his Claims. 
  20. How Lucifer counterfeited the Names of the God of Abraham. 
  21. How Muslims view Apostate Christians. 
  22. An Appeal to my Muslim Reader. 
  23. Who the God Allah really is in History.

Chapter V. The Prophecy of the Rise of the Star of Islam 

  1. How Islam’s Founder was foretold in the Book of Revelation. 
  2. Jesus warns His People about the Intoxicating Influences of Mysticism. 
  3. Why Jesus symbolizes His True People as His Virgins. 
  4. Why Islam is Part of “Babylon the Great.” 
  5. The Star of Islam is given a Key to the Bottomless Pit. 
  6. The Koran symbolizes Muhammad as a “Declining Star” who arose again as the “Morning Star.” 
  7. Muhammad wanted a One-World Islamic Government (Umma). 
  8. A Key given to open the Mysteries of the Book of Revelation and the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God. 
  9. “My Sheep hear My Voice.” 
  10. Islam claims Muhammad received his Revelations while practicing a Meditative Trance and Gabriel appeared to him. 
  11. Understanding the “Five Months” and the Hour, and a Day, and a Month, and a Year Prophecies of Revelation, Chapter Nine. 
  12. Understanding the First Woe and the Two Woes More. 
  13. The King (Angel) of the Bottomless Pit gives his Declining Star (Muhammad) a Key that unlocks the Mysteries of Mysticism. 
  14. The Muslim Invaders are symbolized as Plagues of Two Forms of Locusts: the Solitary Phase and the Gregarious Phase. 
  15. Muslim Hordes had Two Different Ruling Powers: First under the Arabs and Secondly under the Asians. 
  16. Understanding the Shapes of the Locusts in Bible Prophecy. 
  17. Two Hundred Thousand Thousand (200 Million) Destroying Locusts. 
  18. The Plague of Locusts (Muslims) was upon Apostate Romans (Catholics), Greek Christians (Byzantine), Zoroastrians (Persians), and Buddhists who obeyed not the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
  19. The Historical Accuracy of the Muslims who were foretold “as Swarms of Locusts” who plagued the Mediterranean Area under the First Wave of the Arabs and then again under the Asians (Turks). 
  20. The Threat of Islam today upon Those who do not have the Seal of the Living God in their Foreheads. 
  21. How Muslims are divided into Different Beliefs. 
  22. Muslims believe in an Al-Mahdi (Messiah) who is coming to conquer All Religions and make Islam a Universal State. 
  23. How Muslims are conditioned to be fooled into receiving the Antichrist (Satan) when He appears in These Last Days as Christ. 
  24. Understanding More about the First and Second Woes foretold in Revelation, Chapter Nine, which Islam would inflict upon the Non- Muslim Old World Inhabitants. 
  25. How the Arab Dominion of Islam shifted to the Asians (Turks). 
  26. “One Woe is past; and, Behold, there come Two Woes More Hereafter.” 
  27. The Amazing Fulfilled Prophecies about the Fall of the Muslim Turks (Ottoman Empire) which was 100% accurately pointed out beforehand by Josiah Litch.

Chapter VI. Sufism and the Birth of the Hippie Countercultural Movement 

  1. More Understanding about the Angel, the Locusts, and the Beast from the Bottomless Pit. 
  2. The Secret Societies of Freemasonry and the Illuminati are just a Continuation of Sufism (Islamic Mysticism). 
  3. There are Three Different Beasts in the Prophecies of the Book of Revelation. 
  4. Shocking Revelations from the Sufi Teacher Idries Shah about the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons, and the Illuminati. 
  5. The Game of Chess was an Invention of Sufism. 
  6. A Mystical Marriage with Allah. 
  7. Dag Hammarskjold, former UN Secretary General, was a Sufi. 
  8. Sufi Masters communicate with Jinns (Demons). 
  9. “Use not Vain Repetitions, as the Heathen do.” 
  10. Albert Pike, Past Grand High Priest and Sovereign Grand Commander of Masonry and His Connection with the Kabbalah. 
  11. The Kabbalah is Jewish Mysticism a.k.a. Jewish Theosophy in which both Sufism and Freemasonry are rooted and grounded. 
  12. Madonna, Roseanne, Elizabeth Taylor, and Barbra Streisand openly admit to being involved in the Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism). 
  13. The Holy Scriptures forbid the Teaching of the Doctrines found in the Kabbalah. 
  14. Ioannes Paulus Secundo (John Paul II in Latin) adds to 666. 
  15. Western Buddhists and a Sufi discover how Similar their Beliefs are. 
  16. Hazrat Inayat Khan, a Musician, Poet, and Sufi Master, brings Sufism to America. 
  17. Hazrat Inayat Khan founded the First Sufi Order in San Francisco in 1910. 
  18. Hazrat Inayat Khan, Granddaddy of the “Flower Children” and the “Hippie Movement.” 
  19. Western Sufism (introduced by the Poet, Musician, and Sufi Master, Hazrat Inayat Khan) not only kindled the “Hippie Movement,” but also other Non-Muslim Orders Throughout the World.

VII. Ancient Prophecies about Hollywood and the Music Industry 

  1. Lucifer was the Master Musician in Heaven. 
  2. Showbiz Folk are preferring Buddhism, Scientology, and New Age Teachings. 
  3. Gurus Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson. 
  4. Michael Jackson is a New Ager and a Follower of Deepak Chopra. 
  5. John Travolta and Scientology. 
  6. Madonna’s New Image and Her Connection with New Age Spiritualism. 
  7. Pan, the God of Music. 
  8. The Parallels Today between French Revolutionists and New Age Occult Revolutionaries. 
  9. George Bernard Shaw, a Marxist Revolutionist. 
  10. Congressman Pernell Thomas and the House Committee on Un- American Activities exposed Communist Infiltration in the Entertainment Field. 
  11. The Infamous Hollywood Ten and Lucille Ball. 
  12. Roman Catholics and Mormons use(d) the Stage to promote a Better Image of Themselves. 
  13. The Parallels Between the Music Festival at Mt. Horeb (Sinai) and that of the Woodstock 1969 Music Festival. 
  14. The Festival of Hate and the Rolling Stones. 
  15. The Atlantean Plan, the Illuminati, and the Theosophical Society. 
  16. The Fabian Society, Mahatma Gandhi, and Helen Keller’s Connection with the Marxist Revolution. 
  17. Allan Bennett, a Buddhist Monk, recruits Aleister Crowley. 
  18. Aleister Crowley becomes the Father of Death-Rock Music and the Occult Musicians/Revolutionaries. 
  19. Mick Jagger’s Connection with the Marxist Fabian Society and the Occult Revolution. 
  20. The Beastie Boys “rap” for Buddha. 
  21. Richard Alpert a.k.a. Baba Ram Dass, a New Age Prophet. 
  22. Sri Chimnoy and Kundalini Yoga. 
  23. Carlos Santana, Musician and Songwriter, at 1969 Woodstock and his Connection with the New Age, Occult Revolution.

Chapter VIII. How the New Age, Occult Revolution was and is Promoted Among the Student Population from the 40s to the 90s and how Americans are being Conditioned to Accept Socialism (Communal Living) 

  1. The Prophecy about Mainstream Christians’ “falling away” (Apostasy). 
  2. Ann Lee, the Shaking Quakers, and Pentecostalism. 
  3. Elvis Presley and his Wild, Ecstatic, Pentecostal, Musical Childhood and how He was led to cross over into singing Songs about Sex. 
  4. Elvis Presley, a Victim of New Age Pantheism, who died that Way. 
  5. John Lennon became a Marxist Revolutionist and died that Way. 
  6. Abbie Hoffman, the Anarchist, and the Lennons were Comrades. 
  7. More Revolutionary History about the Beatles. 
  8. Luiz Antonio Gasparetto and the Occult Science of Automatism. 
  9. Mick Jagger and the Promotion of Satanism through his Music. 
  10. The Revolutionary and Shaman Jim Morrison and how He died that Way. 
  11. The 1969 Woodstock Nation, a Symbol and Model of the Atlantean Socialist Plan. 
  12. Crosby, Stills, and Nash and Hippie Politicking. 
  13. The Who, the Godfathers of Punk-Rock, and Daltrey’s Socialist Dream. 
  14. Recorded History about Communism/Marxism in the Music Industry. 
  15. Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, and Joan Baez and what They contributed to the Cause of the Marxist/Socialist Revolution. 
  16. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Highlander Folk School (Communist Front) which was seized and sold by the Tennessee State Government. 
  17. Gandhi was not a Christian, but He was a New Age Marxist Revolutionary and died that Way. 
  18. American Soldiers in the Vietnam War received “Friendly Fire” from Famous Names in Hollywood, the Music Industry, and Apostate Christians. 
  19. “Gangsta Rap” and “Gospel Rap.” 
  20. More about John Lennon’s War on Christ and His People. 
  21. Megadeth and the Promotion of Anarchy through their Music. 
  22. Antichrist Superstar’s Marilyn Manson and the Promotion of Anarchy. 
  23. The Dangers of Computer Games. 
  24. Sufism and Kabbalism are promoted in Children’s Books and Movies. 
  25. How Jesus is calling His People, who are tired of being Evil, to Him. 
  26. “Him that cometh to Me I will in No Wise cast out.” 
  27. Theocratic Forms of Government have enslaved Masses. 
  28. Jesus will soon put an End to the Pied Piper’s Communal Scheme. 
  29. The Destruction and the Cleansing of the World by Fire. 
  30. Understanding the Correct Doctrine about the Thousand-Year Reign of Christ. 
  31. When Satan will finally be Destroyed. 
  32. There is coming a New Heaven and a New Earth. 
  33. The Kingdom of Christ will be Forever.

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