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Health Resource

1. R-Garden (Vitamin O, Colloidal Silver, Echinacea, Vitamins, Herbal Blends, etc.)
If you buy anything from R-Garden we receive a referral fee if you give them our id# 264551 when asked. Some money also is set aside for a program called YouthWorks.

These products have made a tremendous impact in my life, especially their mega-seller, Vitamin O (supplement containing stabilized oxygen; please see: What People Are Saying About "Vitamin O"). I was born with congenital foot deformities and have had constant problems with cramps and pain in my legs and feet. After using one bottle of Vitamin O the cramping I had experienced at night was almost totally gone and as I continued using it I found other benefits to my overall health to the point where I don't ever want to be without a bottle in the house. Some of the reasons I have personally used it: cramping, sore muscles, scratches and scrapes, headache, onset of cold/flu, stuffy nose, ear pain, eye soreness (some people complain of stinging but I didn't have a problem), mouth pain and I even gave some to my old Labrador retriever as a pick-me-up. Vitamin O: for those of us lacking that essential, steady supply of oxygen we need to fight off toxins in our food, in the air and needed by our bodies to fight off disease and to run efficiently—myriad uses for an all-pervasive element.

Vitamin O isn't the only thing they have going for them. Our household has since tried their echinacea, advanced joint formula and colloidal silver which has certainly enhanced our health and added to a better quality of life overall.

If you're in the market for these types of health products, please give them a try! Philologos description of products.


2. Featherspring
Philologos is not affiliated with this vendor in any way but they have such a superior product that we're inviting you to give them a try if you are suffering with back or foot pain. As I've stated above, I was born with congenital problems with my feet and after trying orthotic after orthotic with no alleviation of my symptoms, I came across this company and my foot pain was dramatically decreased within days.

Info from their website:

Patented Customization

Using a patented fitting process created in Germany, we custom form your Featherspring Foot Supports for your feet alone, to your own foot's shape, size, structure, balance and problems. Whether you're a man or a woman, wear a size 4 or a size 14 shoe, one pair of Featherspring Foot Supports is all you'll need for all your shoes.

Three Point Suspension

The Featherspring patented Three Point Suspension allows your feet to move naturally. Your feet float free and independent of the different shapes and sizes of your shoes.

Feathersprings support the arches, position the heel properly, provide necessary wiggle and grip space, cushion the ball of the foot, and improve posture and balance by allowing the foot to move and flex independently of your shoe.

The unique Dual Suspension Cushions at the ball of your foot enhance the flexibility and shock-absorbing action of your Flexible Featherspring Foot Supports. This Three Point Suspension System assures optimum flexibility and maximum shock absorption.

Featherspring Foot Supports

Featherspring Foot Supports weigh less than 2 1/2 ounces each. They are made of smooth, lightweight stainless spring steel and are strong enough to maintain their shape in all conditions and smooth enough not to raise blisters or irritate existing corns.

The only drawback is the expense. I bought a pair about 18 years ago for around $85 but I have not had to reorder as they are just as good as the first day I put them into my shoes (except for the shoe protectors that fell off eons ago which I have not felt the need to replace). The website does not state the price but it must be in the couple of hundred dollars stage at this point. But if you have back or foot pain that has not been alleviated with the standard course of treatment this is a small price to pay to get a measure of your freedom back. I can honestly say it was the best $85 I spent in the 1980s :)

3. ProActiv Acne Solution
Don't bother with anything else; I've done it all from accutane to tetracycline for over 25 years and this wins hands-down. Mortgage the house if you have to! (around $39.95 +s/h every other month as of 2002)

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