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God's Word for Windows

...If anybody is interested in a great low-cost Bible program, I highly recommend [from personal experience] 'God's Word for Windows'. It can be downloaded free (zip files) here:

"A full featured Bible research program for Windows 95. Includes the full King James version, Strong's Numbers, Greek and Hebrew Lexicons, Bible dictionary, commentary and topical index. Supports keyword, phrase and phonetic searching using optional logical connectives, verse notes, 4 color hilighting."

I use it on Win 98 and it is very well designed. It won't deactivate itself after a set period of time, and if you like it, the CD is $25 and includes the Darby and Young translations in addition to the KJV. The program can also be set to run from the CD.

The best features in my opinion, are:

  • the ability to toggle the Strong's numbers on and off in the text, 
  • the ability to instantly click the Strong's numbers and change the number (e.g. when you want to trace through the root[s] of a word), and 
  • the ability to search using a combination of English word[s] and/or Strong's numbers.

[I'm not affiliated with them; it's just a great program and I use it every day. I tried FreeBible and found it to be awkward and cumbersome compared to 'God's Word']

— BPR List Member

e-Sword Bible Program

"I have been using this piece of software for almost month now and find that it offers world-best and world-quality capabilities in my humble opinion. It helps me to do some serious research works in biblical prophecy research as a theological student and it really does produce good results and reports for my grades. Furthermore, it's FREE and very user-friendly and full of goodies and the developer is aiming for more resources to be added to the program. I don't need to spend a few hundred bucks just to do some serious research works if I can use e-Sword for all its fantastic power for my studies. Give it a try and support them, you will not regret it, anyway it's FREE but it may cost your online time." — BPR List Member



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