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aaegenb.jpg (7288 bytes) Special Presentation: The Vatican Revealed


"It is the smallest nation on earth, and one of the most powerful. The seat of the Catholic Church, the home of the Pope, and the final resting place of St. Peter, it covers an area smaller than the U.S. Capitol building, has no natural resources, no industry and an "army" of 200 men whose weapons date from the Middle Ages.

"THE VATICAN REVEALED details how this tiny patch of hallowed ground has played a pivotal role on the world stage for nearly 2,000 years. It is a candid look at the extent of the power wielded by the Vatican, which extends far beyond its obvious spiritual influence. Church historians tell how the Vatican shaped the development of modern Europe, guided the development of Western art and played a key, behind-the-scenes role in the fall of Soviet Communism. The program also goes into the secret chambers and off-limits areas of this grand complex, as well as providing an up-close look at its most famous chambers and treasures, like the Sistine Chapel.

"The grandeur, mystery and majesty of one of the world's most unusual nations comes alive in THE VATICAN REVEALED."

Price: $29.95
Run Time: 100.00 minutes
Item Number: AAE-17361

Note: Products are unavailable for shipment outside of the U.S. and Canada.


video.eyewitness.jpg (11314 bytes) Eyewitness to Jesus

From The Learning Channel

Product Information: A pursuit of fragment of papyrus that has recently been re-discovered could be the link that can date the Gospel of Matthew all the way back to a time contemporary to the life of Jesus. The implications of archaeological evidence such as this could have an enormous impact on the scientific community as well as the religious community. The Gospel of Matthew may have been written by someone who actually witnessed events in the life of Jesus, a possible eyewitness to the last supper and perhaps even the crucifixion. Matthew D'Ancona of Magdelen College in Oxford travels from Egypt to the Holy Land in the evidence that can prove that this papyrus was written during the life and times of Jesus. 100 minutes.

Item #712968
Cost: $19.95

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Eyewitness to Jesus by Matthew D'Ancona!


Matthew: The Visual Bible Matthew: The Visual Bible

Available from Visual Entertainment

Vendor: Visual Entertainment Inc.
ISBN: 0849985951
Price: $99.95

Description: Magnificent, breathtaking, powerful, this movie epic transports you back to the Israel of A.D. 62, as Matthew (now an apostle) begins to reflect on the turbulent events he witnessed as a disciple of Jesus. Shot on location in Morocco and South Africa with more than 2,000 performers, Matthew boasts stunning performances by Richard Kiley and Bruce Marchiano. Taken from the NIV, the script ensures that this film is faithful to God's Word. Four 60-minute videocassettes in a slipcased set.

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